Use Digital Media to drive in-store sales for SlimFast ready to drink shakes and smoothie powders.


Data revealed that much of SlimFast’s audience was regularly using digital media sites- Facebook and Instagram- as a source for informed decision making.

Research showed that SlimFast had three unique digital audiences. We honed in on the top two most profitable audiences for SlimFast:

  • Comfort Seekers -Those hoping to easily lose weight without sacrificing their current lifestyle and eating habits.
  • Image Managers – Those looking for a weight loss product to complement their healthy and active lifestyle.


To drive in-store sales, SlimFast would need to leverage segmentation research and create two distinct, addressable audiences for targeting in core paid media platforms.


We worked with Facebook, Instagram and Oracle’s Datalogix to design custom target segments around Comfort Seekers and Image Managers. We developed digital campaigns, as well as a test and measure approach against key KPIs, such as total sales and sales lift at a household level. Using the test and measure approach, our team optimized SlimFast’s campaigns and refined the strategy in real-time.

Since then, SlimFast has used our strategy to refine its target audience, optimize its media channels, and yield higher ROI from sales lift.


200-400% lift in household product benchmarks

200-400% increase in sales per household benchmarks