NFL On Location



Drive Superbowl and Pro Bowl ticket package sales and revenue with qualified leads among a new, niche audience of high-net-worth (HNW) individuals—within a three-month period.


  • 1st and 3rd party data showed that our HNW audience shared a common desire of unique experiences
  • Fan surveys revealed that an NFL fan’s passion and optimism is never higher than when their team advances after a playoff win
  • Social data revealed that a high percentage of NFL fans turned to digital media to have conversations about exciting games and their favorite teams
  • Gauge data helped us pinpoint the specific neighborhoods to reach our target within key cities and DMAs


To drive sales amongst the target-audience, we positioned NFL On Location Events as an unforgettable way to experience the final game and capitalize on playoff euphoria. We launched a campaign through digital media that was personal and local to each team win during the NFL regular game and playoff season.


We developed a three-phase, data-driven approach by using our full suite of proprietary technology and unique data.

Phase One. To create demand, we connected to our audience beyond football. We used our data to segment our audience into three hyper-niche categories based off their common desire for unique experiences. These categories then drove our content.

  • Business All-Stars: C-Suite individuals who seek out luxury experiences
  • Legends: Social climbers and wealthy retirees who go places to be seen and do things to say they’ve done them
  • Gift Givers: Individuals who hadn’t yet splurged on a holiday gift for themselves or others

Phase Two. Using hyperlocal media and proprietary data, we designed a distribution strategy that refined itself with each NFL playoff win. We optimized content, refined targets, and reached unique fans living in remote locations. We rode the excitement of the playoffs, while hyper-targeting the exact audience we needed.

Phase Three. By the time the final Super Bowl teams had been set, we had been hyper-targeting Atlanta and New England fans on digital media for over two months. In the two weeks leading up to the game, we put out one final push to drive purchases and convert affluent locals (90% of the NFL On Location Events attendees), as well as remote fans.


205% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) or 2:1 return from media spend on ticket sales