Matcha Love



Leverage the growing popularity of matcha among Millennials to launch a new beverage brand into the US market.


  • Cassandra data showed us that Millennials believe that a healthy lifestyle is important but lack of time can compromise their diet choices
  • 3rd and 1st party behavioral audience data showed that our target audience were mobile-first and used social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to explore new health trends
  • Gauge data showed where demand was highest for Matcha, and identified the growing intent and searches for Matcha products– helping to inform our national and local media approach


MatchaLOVE offered the energy hit our target needed but unlike other sugar-packed caffeinated beverages in the marketplace it was healthy and nutrient-rich.


We positioned MatchaLOVE as the ‘grounded’ alternative to energy drinks. We then used paid search terms and influencer partnerships to target our audience with MatchaLOVE content in the places where they were already looking for health trends.

Once the campaign went live, we optimized in real-time and reallocated dollars against the media placements that drove the highest return on ad spend.


Increased website traffic by 3745% (during the ​campaign period)

Increased brand positivity by 90%

Increased in-store sales by 23%​

Increased online sales by 29%​