LA Clippers



Aggressively drive ticket sales within a new generation of Clippers fans—without alienating an already loyal fan base.


Cassandra data showed us that Millennials shared two key beliefs with LA Clipper’s existing fan base:

1. It’s important to be part of something bigger
2. It takes commitment to achieve a goal

Gauge data showed the top neighborhoods for LA Clippers fan penetration and interest, across a huge and diverse market- Los Angeles. This allowed us to segment the market and focus distribution investment in key hyper-local areas.


Being a Clippers fan meant being part of something bigger. It meant being part of a machine, and for a machine to work, it takes everything.


We created content that spoke to the idea of ’something bigger’ and distributed it via a data-driven, cross-channel ticket-selling machine that worked across the LA market.

Using highly visual platforms like Snapchat and niche social communities like the tech-based Quora, we sought out our audience in the places they already were.

We knew our target audience also spent time in retail locations and we used emerging place-based media techniques to expose them to the right message at the exact right time


Increased ticket revenue over 300%

Drove game ticket sales 90%

Increased ticket transactions 180%