eBay wanted to increase engagement amongst its Millennial audience by determining the best sales-driving social platform.


  • Behavioral research revealed that Millennials are more likely to engage online with pop culture content, especially if it’s nostalgic.
  • Belief data revealed Millennials feel more comfortable engaging with brands that regularly and consistently publish content.


If we could use eBay’s 16 emerging social channels to reposition the company as up-to-date with Millennial pop culture, we could increase engagement and identify which channels drove the highest sales.


We developed a year-long, always-optimizing content and distribution strategy.

With behavioral data revealing Millennial’s positively respond to consistent pop culture content, for the next year our team worked around the clock to develop over 3,250+ culturally relevant pieces of content—from simple gifs to mini-docuseries and holiday videos.

We distributed the content via eBay’s 16 emerging social platforms, supporting the distribution with a strategy of 1:1 engagement and real-time optimization. We developed a social incubator—built on custom content, insights, and analytics—to determine which of the 16 emerging platforms could drive the most sales.


1.1 billion overall impressions across 16 social channels

49% increase in overall engagement