Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago



Attract new and returning visitors for the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) with a people-based campaign targeting two, distinctive segments – local residents and drive-market tourists.


Gauge data revealed the 20 Chicago neighborhoods most interested in museums, as well as seasonal trends in museum attendance.

MSI’s existing customer segmentation and insights helped us understand current customer behavior, which helped us build additional, modeled segments for digital acquisition.


By combining the museum’s existing consumer data with our proprietary digital segments, we could build and hyper-target various audiences – online and offline – to encourage pre-purchase and enhance data capture on MSI’s web ticketing system.


Using this data, we narrowed our potential prospects to three opportunity groups based on their propensity to buy:

  • High Value Prospects
  • Chicago Residents
  • Drive-Market Residents

Our data revealed the idiosyncrasies and unique characteristics (neighborhood location, lifestyle choices, and more) of each audience.  With this data, we collaborated with MSI to develop custom online and offline content—from banner ads and billboards to social graphics and videos—that would uniquely connect with each target segment.

We then leveraged our conversion and attribution data to ensure we distributed our message to the right person, in the right place, with the right format.


Drove a measurable, positive return on MSI’s investment for online ad dollars

Significantly improved average cost per acquisition performance over previous agency partners

Exceeded MSI website traffic goals by over 107%