Tech-enabled products and solutions for growth.

In a world where customers are the beginning and end of business growth, our team of experts helps brands, publishers and agencies make a lasting impact in a highly progressive environment.

Our EMX digital marketplace and programmatic ecosystem power the Engine Technology practice. By leveraging forward-thinking engineering, data collection, artificial intelligence, EMX creates a direct line between advertisers and publishers to increase efficiency, reduce ad tax, and maximize ROI for all.


We’ll help publishers:

  • Gain transparency and full control of their header bidding wrapper
  • Access PMP and Custom Package deals
  • Directly connect to unique demand

Reasons publishers call us:

Maximize revenue potential

Premium demand

Easy-to-use header bidding solutions

Hybrid client- and server-side header bidding

Increased bid density

Reduced latency


Our Product Offerings


More control, more revenue.

BiddRº360 is the only all-in-one hybrid header bidding wrapper providing full control and transparency. Its intuitive Control Center gives you real-time control of your header bidding wrapper, removing dependency on developers and engineers. With BiddRº360, you can leverage client-side, server-side and hybrid auctions with the click of a button, connecting you to the highest bidders—every time.

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BiddR Connect

Get plugged in.

BiddR Connect provides publishers seamless access to EMX’s marketplace of unique demand, to increase bid competition, CPMs, and maximize revenue across all demand partners. BiddR Connect is compatible with all major header bidding solutions and delivers access to 95% of the top Fortune 500 advertisers to increase bid competition, CPMs, and maximize revenue.

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We’ll help advertisers and agencies:

  • Directly access premium supply
  • Leverage data to optimize programmatic strategies
  • Gain actionable insights through multi-score, audience and deterministic data

Reasons advertisers and agencies call us:

Premium inventory

Omni-channel strategy

Flexible buying options

Actionable audience data

Brand safe environment

24/7 partner support


Our Product Offerings

Private Marketplace (PMP)

Right place, right time.

Connect one-to-one with preferred top-tier publishers to meet your specific campaign needs. EMX’s private marketplace ensures your creative is in the right place at the right time. Use our directly sourced Ads. txt certified premium inventory to target your audience with the most relevant inventory possible.

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Full Service

Simplify your day-to-day.

With EMX Full Service we do the heavy lifting for you. Our dedicated Account Managers handle your daily needs—from setting up benchmarks to day-to-day performance management and optimization—so you can save time and resources while maximizing your ROI.

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Your audience from every angle.

Vision delivers comprehensive and actionable insights, all in one place. Our account managers and media analysts use audience, multiscore, post-deterministic decisioning and attribution data to tailor reports to your KPIs, so you can discover new audiences, challenge your ideas about existing audiences, and make strategic ad campaign decisions based in real information.

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