Optimize your output.

At Engine Distribution we make identity-based connections that deliver ROI. By fusing innovative insights with hyper-local data, cutting-edge encryption technology and industry-leading attribution strategies, we’ll help you segment, identify, target and optimize your audience to ensure each connection you make delivers maximum ROI.


We'll help you:

  • Make sense of today’s fragmented media landscape​
  • Unlock new prospects and convert them into revenue
  • Connect with real people—on and offline—via hyper-local targeting
  • Test, measure and improve the effectiveness of every campaign you deliver

Reasons client call us:

Audience insights

Identity-based targeting

Hyper-local strategies

Data operations

Safety and privacy

Attribution and analytics


Our Product Offerings


Understand your audience.

For businesses looking to either stay ahead of trends or evaluate true consumer intent over time and place. Gauge is our proprietary trend analysis, social listening and forecasting tool that collects and processes data so you can effectively identify and capitalize on trends, prospects or uncover new business opportunities.

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Local precision. National scale.

For businesses that want to connect to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time, Balihoo combines proprietary technology with location-based data to tailor and target your ads to specific micro-markets around the globe.

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