Human stories, meaningful insights, agile learning.

As brand engagement is increasingly driven by advocacy and brand decisions by personal resonance, never has it been more important to forge deep emotional connections with your customers, prospects and employees.

With Engine’s innovative Digital Hives platform, you can get into the homes, hearts, and minds of your key audiences to uncover the insights you need to build authentic relationships and drive organic brand growth.

One Day Snapshot Hive

Launch in 24-hours, uncovering unique insights and stories at the speed businesses need today.

One Week Immersion Hive

Dig deeper on a particular topic. Utilize the power of mobile, digital ethnography, video and photo journaling to immerse yourself in the world of your customers, prospects or employees.

Hives Series

Gain cumulative knowledge with 2-4 Snapshots or immersions using the same or a different audience over time.

Ongoing Communipanel

Master your audience with an always on and engaged community of 500-10,000 consumers for 6 months or longer. Integrate mobile, social and behavioral data for a holistic view of your target audience.

With Hives you can:

  • Go live in as little as 24 hours
  • Get personal stories and rich ethnography with creative and flexible multimedia tools
  • Gain broad insight from diverse audiences
  • Expand globally with multilingual capabilities
  • Pivot in the moment, when your projects and insights do
  • Fit today's budgets

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