Stop listening. Start connecting.

For businesses looking to authentically understand their audience, Hives is an online digital tool that quickly reveals rich insights and emotional truths through shared storytelling.

One Day Snapshot Hive

Launch in 24-hours and quickly connect with your audience, uncover unique insights and stories at the speed businesses need today.

One Week Immersion Hive

Dig deeper on a particular topic. Utilize the power of mobile, digital ethnography, video and photo journaling to immerse yourself in the world of your customers, prospects or employees.

Hives Series

Gain cumulative knowledge with 2-4 Snapshots or immersions using the same or different audience over time.

Ongoing Communipanel

Master you audience with an always on and engaged community of 500-10,000+ for 6 months or longer. Integrate mobile, social and behavioral data for a holistic view of your target audience.

With Hives, you can:

  • Move quickly, turning insights to action at agile speeds
  • Drive value by investing action over data collection
  • Target the audience that matters most to your business
  • Uncover the needs and emotions that drive your target audience
  • Increase consumer engagement and build a network of brand advocates

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