Guide to Building a Better Brand

The role of brands in the lives of modern youth has grown. They desire more from a brand than just products/services that work, and they want their relationship with a brand to be a two-way street. As the experts on culture, CASSANDRA empowers brands to stay relevant with consumers based on our study of trendsetting young consumers.

In this booklet, you’ll find six tenets of building a better brand today—Create Community, Be An Activist, Be Entertaining, Help Them Be Their Best Selves, Teach Them, and Make Their Lives Easier—and thought starters around how you can act on each of them. All included data on consumer preferences refers to Trendsetter Ys and Zs aged 14-34 in the U.S., and all quotes are sourced from the Cassandra community. You’ll also see marketplace examples of brands living out these directives and authentically engaging with their young consumers.

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Report: Guide to Building a Better Brand

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