Talk Nerdy To Me

How many conversations have you had with a robot today? From voice-activated personal assistants to customer service and insurance claim chatbots, people have embraced the idea of conversing with machines. Today’s conversational systems enable technology to interface with consumers in a manner that intentionally mirrors human conversation – creating a more intuitive user experience.

For many companies, this technology is saving time and money in traditionally labor-intensive departments like customer service. It’s allowing companies to resolve queries in real time, any time. Voice is making this even easier – consumers can interact with brands in a wide range of ways without lifting a finger. But it’s important to know when talking to a machine just won’t cut it: According to a recent study, 71% of consumers cited an instance where a chatbot couldn’t help them. Brands that are winning today use a combination of robots and humans to provide the optimal experience, with chatbots handling simple tasks and front-line teams freed to deliver meaningful, personal interactions for more complex or emotional issues.

How to win in this new world:

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