The 5G Smart City and Autonomous Vehicle Game Changer

CES 2019 was all about 5G: 10 gigabytes per second, a 10 times improvement in latency, 1,000 times more data supporting over 1 million devices per square mile with 99.999% reliability, enabling game changing applications from healthcare to home entertainment and everything in between. 5G’s low latency coupled with a VR headset and a haptic robot arm will revolutionize remote surgery, low latency and highs speeds will change the gaming experience forever by delivering tactile experiences in real time, and all the above 5G features will bring autonomous vehicles to a street near you.


5G’s boost for autonomous vehicles

Unusually for a generally conservative industry, the world’s automakers fully embraced the autonomous car’s potential early, recognizing its potential to deliver substantial safety benefits and radically enhanced in-vehicle experiences. And through those changes, new revenue and profit models. Realizing the potential of the autonomous vehicle experience fundamentally depends upon high quality “vehicle to all things” connectivity. 5G’s speed and low latency provide the connectivity required.


The Smart City Eco-system is evolving too

Autonomous vehicles are just a small part of the Smart City mobility eco-system of the future though; realizing the revenue and profit potential that auto brands have targeted requires other players to step up too. Many already have; the SAE has created standards for autonomous and connected vehicles, new coating materials have been developed to enable autonomous vehicles to reliably read road signs and road markings, new LiDAR, radar and AV thermal systems have been developed to enable autonomous vehicles to avoid each other, the built environment and crucially, human beings! And test laboratories have been created to model the Smart City environment in which autonomous vehicles flourish, for example Michigan State University have transformed their campus into an advanced mobility test eco-system, sections of London’s East End currently perform the same function.


The 5G Marketing Impact will be huge

Once fully rolled out 5G will expand inter-device connectivity, greatly enhancing the Internet of things (IoT) and bringing IoT tech to the masses. This will give content creators unprecedented insight into consumer traits and behaviors, with a whole new world of new data sources providing incredibly deep personal insight into their audiences. IoT data will tell us everything from what time a consumer gets up, to how many cartons of milk they drink a week or how often they mow their lawn. will change the game completely.

With 5G true personalization of marketing efforts will not only be possible, but more dynamic than ever before, due to 5G’s ability to transfer masses of data to and from devices and distributors in a matter of milliseconds. What this means is that advertising is finally able to shift entirely from broadcast, through call and response (arguably where we are today) to a fluid inter-personal conversation between the advertiser and the consumer. In the brave new world of 5G, advertisers will see their consumers reacting and responding to ads in real time via data points as rich as their pulse or heart rate, their facial reactions or their voices. At Engine we’re ready for the revolution, are you?


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