41% of Americans Have Cancelled Their Summer Vacations

It’s almost the middle of summer, a time when Americans are traditionally on their annual summer vacation, planning to go on vacation, or have recently come back from one. But with COVID-19 have Americans changed their summer vacation and travel plans? According to the ENGINE Insights Summer Vacation survey, 41% of Americans have cancelled their summer vacations due to COVID-19, 19% have postponed them, and only 7% have gone or plan to go on a vacation this summer.

The ENGINE Insights team conducted the survey to find out more about Americans’ summer vacation and travel plans. Had they changed them because of COVID? Would they still visit some of the most popular summer vacation family destinations that have reopened such as Disney World? 

Find out what Americans are thinking via the ENGINE Insights survey findings below:

Have you cancelled or postponed your summer vacation due to COVID-19? 


What modes of transportation will you use to travel to your summer vacation destination? 

covid summer

Has COVID-19 changed the way you plan to travel on your summer vacation?

Vacation Plans

Do you plan to go to any of these destinations now that they have reopened?

Vacation travel
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At ENGINE Media Solutions we are uniquely positioned to solve these problems, as we own an SSP and Exchange, ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX), built for CTV, that has hundreds of direct integrations with both the premium content apps, as well as the aggregators, distributed across all TV manufactures and streaming devices for CTV.


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