Powered by data. Made by people. Driven by results.

Engine is modern, data-driving marketing solutions company.

At Engine, we pride ourselves on being diverse: creative wunderkinds, uber-nerds, whip-smart business mavens and media ninjas, all united by a simple goal: accelerating growth for our clients.

We operate as an open-ecosystem, collaborating seamlessly with the partners, tools and data systems you already rely on.

So whether you’re looking to size your next growth opportunity, persuade consumers to open their hearts and their wallets, or supercharge your return on marketing spend, we’ll make your investment work harder.

What does this mean?

For your customers:

Creative that’s personal, not just personalized, so you can maximize response and build your brand. Messaging delivered precisely when and where consumers are more likely to take action, so you can optimize your media spend.

For your teams:

A 360 degree view of your customer, so you can future-proof your business. A single holistic solution, so you can spend less time managing agencies, data and tools, and more time focusing on outcomes.

For your business:

Transparent, measurable results, so you can invest wisely. Initiatives that get smarter and more impactful over time, so you can maximize your returns.

Our Partners

We’re proud to collaborate with some of the world’s biggest brands, agencies and publishers.



Our People

We’re geeks, we’re nerds, we’re entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on being different because our people make our business.

Kasha Cacy

Global CEO

Rick Eiserman

CEO Engine North America

Oliver Rust

Global CEO of Engine Insights

Zihla Salinas

CEO Engine Content and Trailer Park

Lizzy Hanna

General Manager of Engine Distribution

Michael Zacharski

CEO Engine Technology and EMX Digital

Paul Caine

Executive Chairman

Larry Diamond

Global CFO

Zoe Church

Global CMO

Dianne DeSevo

Global Chief Human Resources Officer

Brian Cruikshank

President of Engine Insights

Jane Lopez

Chief Talent Officer

Jason Bier

Chief Privacy & Data Officer

Mark Piazza

CFO Engine North America, COO Engine East

Our Locations

With offices across the globe, we’re where you need us to be, but agile enough to deliver and optimize custom solutions at record speed.

New York

261 Madison Avenue
Floor 4
New York, NY 10016