It’s the final day of the Web Summit in Lisbon and ENGINE Creative’s Chief Content Officer wraps-up the day’s biggest talking-points … before heading into a dark room for a lie down:

Musical AI – On the ‘Music Notes’ stage, French electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre premiered his new AI powered, generative music app (‘EoN’) which he’s developed in partnership with Sony Computer Science Labs. The 71yr old recorded over seven hours of original music, before breaking it down into thousands of independent sequences, which are then reconstructed to deliver every user a completely different composition (set to unique visuals) every time the app is opened. Others, including Google, have made inroads into this space, but until now it’s been more about AI as an aid to production, rather than a production replacement.

Real time – The Production technology businesses have been out in force here in Lisbon – with Framestore, Unity and Lucasfilm all present. One of the things that united all three was a big push on real-time rendering technologies – both in terms of how they’re transforming

traditional production work-flows (from dynamically changing shot selection, to allowing Directors to use virtual cameras) and how they’re offering new creative opportunities (from real-time motion capture to immersive game play). Expect the commercial trickle down of these innovations to pick up pace over the coming year.

The (Burger) King of Content – The hardest working guy at the Web Summit has to be Burger King’s CMO Fernando Machado, who must have appeared on every stage at some point over the past three days. Today he turned his attention to Content and following yesterday’s disappointing discussions, Fernando spoke a lot of sense, particularly on the topic of “quality vs quantity”. On quality, “if you make it great, make people want to spend time with it, you can to spend less on media and re-invest on the production of your next project” and on quantity, “you need to do a lot, it’s like a muscle you have to exercise, you need to try things and learn, it’ll get better over time”.

So that is that for another year, the tech’ glitterati are en-route to the airport on their scooters and Lisbon can relax once again. If you’d like to delve further into the Web Summit, I’d recommend checking out the Twitter # and their YouTube channel. Thanks for reading – tchau!

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