Every year, the population of Lisbon swells by fifteen percent, as 70,000 descend on the city for the annual Web Summit – an event which uniquely attracts both industry giants and nascent startups. ENGINE Creative’s Chief Content Officer, Dave Roberts shares his daily top take-outs for Day 1:

5G – Verizon’s Ronan Dunne was the first speaker to take to the Centre Stage, a decision which clearly shows that 5G is THE hot topic for this year. Where the majority of consumer facing comms relate to speed and latency, Dunne’s message was clear; don’t underestimate how transformational this technology is, “the capabilities of IoT, 3D printing and 5G with massive AI capability, has the potential to improve energy efficiency, and cut carbon emission and resource usage across production cycles, manufacturing, shipment and reuse right across the supply chain”.

Voice – Sometimes to know the future we need to look to the past and if you’re ever in need of a handy analogy for what great design for voice looks like, look no further than this – personality and meaningful conversation rolled into one and a great demonstration that voice is way more than a tech consideration. If you’re still on the fence, maybe just ask yourself if you want Alexa’s personality to be your brand’s personality?

Future Broadcasting – The debate on the future of sports broadcasting rolls-on (check-out ENGINE Content Strategist Leo Birch’s thoughts from Digiday last week). Here in Lisbon, the next-gen argument was being represented by Overtime, the two-year-old US channel which began life as a home for viral dunk clips, but recently secured $23m in a Series B funding round. Co-Founder Zack Weiner’s answer as to why they’re seeing such unprecedented levels of engagement for their content, “unlike the legacy media companies we sound like the people we’re speaking to, we sound like their friends”.

Much like the UK’s Copa90, it’s Overtime’s rejection of over-inflated live rights and instead, their focus on building an innate understanding of the modern sports audience which is helping them extend into areas which traditional broadcasters can only dream of. Overtime Ninja Headband anyone?

More to follow tomorrow – when day two speakers include Tony Blair and Rankin (I told you it was eclectic).

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