In 2020 there was a big focus on businesses pivoting, not only how they worked operationally, but how they focused on supporting their employee’s wellbeing.

According to the Employee Benefits Healthcare research 2020, 46% of businesses had increased their focus on employee wellbeing due to COVID-191. But how do you know that your focuses are pointing in the right direction and your efforts are paying off?

This was certainly the concern of Transport for London back in March 2020, which saw us working together to create a 4 week ‘always on’ listening program focusing entirely on employee wellbeing. The approach taken helped us to ensure they could be agile in their approach to wellbeing, in line with the constantly changing impact of COVID-19 and changing circumstances their employees faced.

We created a short wellbeing tracker entirely tailored to TfL. We also ensured the survey was available to all employees and questions were tailored to include questions relevant to front line workers, people now home working and also furloughed employees, to help understand their set of unique wellbeing needs related to their circumstances. As well as supplying live data at the overall TfL level, we created a bespoke insights report which was delivered weekly. The report focused in on three headlines and suggested actions, giving TfL a clear focus of where they should place their resources and efforts to have maximum impact for their employees.

By supplying them with the data they needed quickly and in a format which focused on action, TfL were able to make a significant number of changes to their operations to better support employees. This included increasing support from their occupational health department and increasing the efficiency of their DSE process, so home workers had quicker access to the equipment they needed. Alongside operational changes, there was a focus on managers ensuring they felt supported in managing their teams and their wellbeing concerns as well as an increase in company communications, so all employees felt not only listened to but also informed.

When looking at their complete wellbeing results as part of their overall employee listening program, between June and September they saw an overall increase of 5 percentage points in wellbeing scores across the entirety of TfL.

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The health and wellbeing our people has always been a priority for us. This has been even more so over the last year. This survey allowed us to understand how people are feeling at this critical time and what more we can do to support them”

Tom Sutton, Communications Manager; Employee Communications and Engagement at TfL.
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