We’re relaunching one of the nation’s most loved. A new campaign and rebrand that encompasses every element of the insurer’s identity, from the company logo to its iconic figurehead.

For the first time in the insurer’s 30 year history, the original ‘nodding dog’ mascot has been given a full makeover, replaced by a completely fresh CGI incarnation of Churchie. As part of the brand update, Churchie has also learned a new skateboarding skill, and effortlessly glides throughout the new ad, to demonstrate just how easy and streamlined the experience of insurance can be.

The all new, life-like Churchie has been brought to life by the visual artists at Untold Studios, an independent creative studio currently working on ‘The Crown’. Untold conducted extensive character exploration before they set out building a fully CG version of him, from his skeleton all the way to the surface. The end result is not only anatomically correct on the surface, but also beneath the skin, delivering a performance that feels realistic, authentic and engaging.

The fully integrated campaign will premiere with an ‘ITV introduces’ spot in the break of ‘Emmerdale’ and run across an eight-week period spanning TV – including a second TV ad that will break on the 28th October – radio, cinema, blipverts, channel sponsorship, social and a Spotify partnership.


Client: Lucy Brooksbank – Head of Marketing

Agency: ENGINE

Executive Creative Director: Paul Jordan

Creative Directors: David Dearlove, Richard Nott

Agency Producers: Sally Miller, Bradley Woodus, Lindsay Moyes, Camilla Hempelman Adams, Sophie Richaume, Victoria Doran, Elena Sanz, Charlotte Riley, Lauren Oldfield, Melody Sylvester, Leila Bartlam

Account Handling: Emma Marsland, Carolina Gutierrez Vargas, Chris Moger, Gabriella Ghigi, Kya Boon-Cohen

Strategy: Elisa Edmonds, Katherine Morris, Duncan McLauchlan, David Blackett.

Agency Designers: Patrick Gibson, Connie Boulton, Gustavo Rigon, Polina Dyer, Alex Talikowski, Sam Hopkins, Brandon Falconer

Media Agency: Mediacom

Production Company: MJZ / Untold Studios

Director: Nikolai Fugslig @ MJZ

Producer: Steven Johnson @ MJZ, Helen Tang and Ian Berry @ Untold

Editor: Untold Studios

Sound Design: James Benn @ Bark Studio

Post-Production: Untold Studios

Audio: Bark Studios

Exposure: TV, Radio, Cinema, Blipverts, Sponsorship, Social, Spotify partnership

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