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Born Free Foundation has launched an emotive film to show the brutal reality of a lion’s life in South Africa.

 ‘The Bitter Bond’ is a 2-minute animated film, crafted by our talented creatives James Hodson and Jason Keet in collaboration with Zombie Studios and Blinkink.

The film’s unique animation style is the result of three months’ work by Zombie Studio, who combined the richness and beauty of hand-crafted sets with 3D animation for the film.

The film tells the story of one keeper and her cub in a lion ‘sanctuary’ in South Africa. Most people are unaware of the shocking truth of a life experienced by many of South Africa’s lions. At least 70% of them are born in captivity and bred for tourists to hug and take photos with.

Then, when the lions grow too big for cuddles, they’re sold to trophy hunters and shot in ‘canned hunting’ facilities. At no point are they ever free to roam. Not only is this cruel and inhumane practice legal, but it’s flourishing in South Africa.

With this film, Born Free aims to raise awareness of this issue and drive people to sign a petition to urge the South African government to stop this practice.

To help put an end to this problem sign the petition here:

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