On the 30th April, Stacey Vickers, Senior Consultant joined a stellar panel including ENGINE CEO Jim Moffatt, Fran Davis, Engagement & Wellbeing Partner from Pets at Home and Meghan Walsh, Culture & Change Consultant at ENGINE to discuss all things culture.

The discussion included how to keep your culture alive during these times and how to keep up momentum when the working world returns to its ‘new normal’.

The effortless conversation from the panel shined a new light on the importance of transparency and trust in this challenging time. With 50 years of experience combined, not only were there clear actions and easy steps to implement it was an innovative and insightful discussion.

The first step to creating culture is asking your employees, or colleagues as Pets at Home refers to them, what they want to hear. In regular times it’s so important to put the right information in the right place and at the right time but now more than ever it’s essential to get tailored information in front of everyone. Line managers play a supportive role as they will be crucial to success as things shift and change moving forward.

The panel was collectively doubtful that the normal we know and have got used to (not love) will ever be a reality. Meghan explained that her top tip to navigating this situation is openness. Honestly and transparency are vital, now more than ever. Businesses tend to shield the truth in case of disappointment or hurt and forget that employees are adults and human too. Think of your employees as your partner or your friend, build trust communicate and take the necessary steps to achieve a culture that supports the purpose.

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Pets at Home have an enormous colleague base; they have implemented a wellbeing page on Facebook – a private group to communicate and share report. Accessed by a real mix of employees and has been a great platform to form lasting connections across the businesses. They have also created an enormous caring for colleagues fund; those who are financially vulnerable can apply. The process has been championed by the CEO, who even at this time is in the office every day.

Now more than ever, people must be seen as individuals. Zoom or any other meeting software opens up people’s homes; it’s a viewfinder into their lives making it impossible not to bring you whole self to work, being authentic has been a real gem found by many within this storm. Meghan hopes that the relationships we’ve created will be maintained. Inclusion has moved up the list as everyone is in the same boat – helping to solidify the shared sense of purpose.

The most common theme was feedback and two-way communications. Communication needs to be two way and to be confident to articulate that the story may change, and nothing is concrete. Feedback is encouraged, and so is honesty from all parties. Why not ask everyone what they want, let’s talk about what has happened and ask for advice, what have we learnt – use experience and be better service our future selves. We all now have a shared purpose – ‘the key to having a shared sense of purpose is having a shared enemy’ – and we all have that.

Understanding employees is the key to long term success and surviving a mandatory culture change – if you have any questions for the team or would like to find out more about what we do contact Stacey on

Want to find out more? Download our six top tips to create a connected culture here or watch the recording.

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