ENGINE Creative, Lockdown lowdown podcast

Introducing the ‘Lockdown Lowdown’ – an experimental new podcast series produced by the Branded Content team at ENGINE.

As we come to terms with the strange ‘new norm’ of social distancing and locked down living, we’re chatting to inspiring friends from across the entertainment, creative and production industries to see what lessons we can learn, to help you get to grips with the vast, exciting array of content that can be produced in a locked-down world.

Available on Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Episode 1 – Reassuring Voices: The Power of Audio

ENGINE’s Leo Birch discusses the power of audio, in all its forms – with special guests Stuart Mays (Global Radio), Adam Uytman (Listen & Wisebuddah), Rhyanna Coleman (Consultant to LADbible) and ENGINE’s Chief Creative Officer, Billy Faithfull.

Episode 2 – United Through the Dancefloor: A chat with Defected Records’ James Kirkham

Launched as an indie label in 1998, Defected Records have evolved, adapted and grown to become the world’s biggest community of house music fans today. Even through turbulent times for the music industry. But their latest moment in the global spotlight came in week one of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown, when they launched the Defected Virtual Festival from an empty Ministry of Sound. In this episode, ENGINE’s Leo Birch chats with Defected’s Chief Business Officer James Kirkham about engaging vociferous fans, pivoting your business in times of change and making great stuff in the face of unprecedented disruption. Also, Championship Manager 2001/2…Check out the virtual Festivals and much more at and on the Defected Records pages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

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