BIMA 100

Every year BIMA launches its search for the 100 most influential, pioneering and ground-breaking people in the digital/tech industry.

They are the BIMA 100, and ENGINE is excited to announce that five of the team are on this year’s list.

With winners from multiple categories including, CEO and Leaders, Strategists and Consultants, Tech Trailblazers and Champions for Change; instantly highlighting the breadth of expertise within ENGINE.



Emma has achieved an incredible amount in the last 12 months. The functional challenge alone of bringing together a 15-year-old consultancy, an 8-year-old data agency and a 40-year-old heritage research & insights business was complex and emotionally charged.

The ambition was creating a new business with a vision and future that would once again inspire the team to excellence and growth, starting from a neutral base. Emma’s change strategy focused on the team, clients, and quality – anchored in integrity to be true to ourselves, our values, and our client promise.

The transformation was successful within 12 months, with all practices delivering profitable growth and offering the market something truly differentiated. Emma continues to champion a network for “women who hate networking”, connecting some of the most Brilliant Women from across sectors and organisations to help and support each other.


Emma was a vital part of ENGINE Transformation’s creation and success. All our positive culture and energy flows from her and the staff members both love and respect her. She has had to take many tough decisions throughout the merger process, but in the end, she has come out top in all categories – great as a manager, great with clients, strong in pitches and with a real strategic vision for the organisation. She embodies everything that is good about us and is a real role model for everyone. "

Johan Hogsander, Managing Director ENGINE Transformation



Dave supports clients in building inclusive services that are effective for the neurodiverse. In the public sector, he helps teams outside of ENGINE that fail to meet Government Digital Service Assisted Digital standards at assessment and guides them to meet the criteria successfully. He leads ENGINE’s Service Design team, who are working across public and private sector services. In the most extreme cases, this includes building for refugees who don’t know what the internet is but are expected to use it to remain in the UK.

This work has led to the development of theories and methodologies that can help enable a more inclusive web. Dave continues to push this forward and sees this as a significant area for development. His research is ongoing, and he keeps pushing inclusive web service thinking to businesses to build a better online experience for all.


Out of all the people I work with, Dave is the one who will quietly and modestly talk to me about feeling privileged to apply his working time to the improvement of public services. Dave is great at guiding his team to sensitively handle and unpick complex research findings that deal with very personal matters and objectively present them as structured evidence for transformative designs.”

David Singer – Principal Service Designer, ENGINE Transformation



Within the first year of their first full-time jobs, Rachel and Natasha had identified the need for, planned, and launched Beyond Her – a network for junior women within their company. In a society where women have too often been conditioned to take a back seat and ask for permission, they decided to stop waiting and drive the change forward themselves.

Their mission is twofold:

1. Empower junior women to feel less like imposters and more like instigators in the workplace.

2. Create space for all colleagues to take part in the conversation.

Through workshops, socials and events, they have addressed topics such as unconscious bias, imposter syndrome and personal brand-building and continue to champion the talents of junior women.


One element I have been particularly impressed with is their willingness to challenge themselves and ask & answer some very difficult questions in setting up the network – how to define “junior” ?, is it age, attitude or aptitude?, how do we engage the men of the organisation?; By being transparent and communicating with all, Rachel & Natasha have made Beyond Her part of the whole company while only engaging with a specific community.”

Emma Robertson, CEO ENGINE Transformation



Kim is a total tech trailblazer and inspirational agent of change in her field. Not only because she daily challenges the status quo by being a woman in what is still a hugely male dominated role, but also because she has an unwavering desire and determination to democratise tech.

Each challenge is a journey of discovery for Kim, and she can be relied upon to add value to every project she’s part of. She inspires others with her curiosity -giving talks, strategic innovation coaching and client workshops – and comes at problems with a unique perspective. Both professionally and personally Kim is also hugely generous, nurturing talent through mentoring or helping to improve the world with ‘tech for good’ size hustles.

Following social distancing guidelines, the announcement was made at an online ceremony hosted by BIMA on 6 May. The ceremony focused on the breadth of achievement of this year’s BIMA 100, demonstrating that there’s no single route to success within the industry.

“Our BIMA 100 is about recognising the people at the forefront of our industry,” explained BIMA Co-President Nat Gross. “They are the people making a fundamental difference to our industry right now and, given the strange circumstances in which we find ourselves, we need their inspiration, innovation and leadership more than ever.

Fortunately, with people like Emma Robertson, Dave Jackson, Natasha Da Rosa Lau, Rachel Bronstein and Kim Lawrie in this year’s BIMA 100, I think we’re in safe hands.

To view all winner profiles head here.

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