This Christmas here at ENGINE we decided to scrap the ENGINE Christmas party and do our bit for the community instead. We partnered up with FoodCycle, a charity who work towards nourishing communities using surplus food.

They have 39 projects all over England from Manchester and London to Portsmouth and Exeter. They build communities, reduce food poverty as much as they can and are a place for their guests to make friends. This year alone they have cooked and served 1,001,655 meals, saved 425 tonnes of surplus food and served 1500 people each week!

We volunteered for a range of sessions over a 4 week period with over 100 people signing up. These included cook up sessions where we prepared three-course meals to hosting sessions and were able to could join those who came along. Out of this experience multiple people have decided to continue working with FoodCycle and volunteer with their local shelters.

All in all, this December ENGINE giving back was very fulfilling for everyone involved.

Take a look at some of the fantastic pictures our team!

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