I hear you, you’re busy. Look, I’m busy too; so, I’m going to get quickly to the point.

If you’re lucky enough that your employer allows you discretionary leave to volunteer for a good cause – at ENGINE we get two days per year – then do it. It’s a no-brainer.

For those of you who can stay a minute more, I’ll briefly elaborate.

The week before last I volunteered at Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais. The long weekend was an inspiring and humbling experience, to a sad backdrop of impending chaos – 1,000 refugees living at a nearby camp in Dunkirk were forcibly evicted less than 48 hours after my departure. I plan to return to Calais in November. What the situation will be like then, I have no idea.
This isn’t a post looking for a pat on the back. My tiny efforts in helping make and distribute hot, nutritious meals, were inconsequential compared to the continuing efforts of the extraordinary long-term volunteers, many of them in their teens and early twenties.

This isn’t a post seeking to explain the refugee crisis. There are innumerable people far more qualified than I to do that.

This isn’t a post that has a clever twist back to our world of marketing.

What this is – and I’ve said it already – is a simple message. If you have the opportunity to take time out your work schedule and volunteer for a cause you care about, seize it. Really, you are never too busy, and if you’re at a place like ENGINE, where your employer will support you in doing it, then it’s hard to have any excuses.

Ok, now get back to cracking that client brief!

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