2019 has been a massive year for ENGINE. We’ve changed shape. We’ve upgraded our website. We’ve welcomed fresh talent. We’ve got a new look and a new voice. We made Robert De Niro an offer he couldn’t refuse and we showed Antandec how banks are done. We’ve done some stunning work which won us a ton of awards.

And that’s only a fraction of what’s gone on behind ENGINE’s doors.

So here’s a bit of shameless drum banging; a highlights reel of the best comings and goings, conversations and connections that 2019 had to offer. And here’s to an even better 2020.

Let’s start here at ENGINE. After the big change we saw last year of 13 brands becoming 1.

We now had a new structure and new positioning, this could only mean one thing. We needed a new look. Along came our new logo and brand-new shiny website that you see now.

Alongside our new look have had lot’s of new faces join our ENGINE Exec team. In our Creative Pillar we had Ete Davies join as CEO, Rob Chalmers joined the team as Chief Experience Officer and Melody Sylvester join as Head of Film. While over in our Communications Pillar we had Rachel Bower join MHP as Head of Brand and Reputation and Greg Jones take over as Mischief’s MD.


2019 saw ENGINE put on a variety of events on all sorts of different subjects. From Jason Fox’s ‘Who Dares Wins’ to our Storytelling event which saw a panel from our very own Chief Content Officer, Dave Roberts chair the panel. We loved our panel events this year as we also hosted ‘Women in Sport – a changing narrative’ and ‘The Power of Influencers’ but we also hosted our in conversation with Alexandra Heminsley and Elizabeth Day.

Presenter of Channel 4’s show Who Dares Wins, Jason Fox told us why he believes businesses could learn a thing or two from the forces. Talking to ENGINE Transformation CEO, Emma Robertson, Fox shared his journey from undisciplined teenager to thriving Special Forces in one of the most pressurised working environments on the planet. 

It’s been a stand-out year for our Brilliant Women Network – a network for women who dislike networking. We’ve hosted two meet-ups, two leadership round tables and a private screening of Queen Katwe. Providing a safe space for open conversations and genuine connections.

Best-selling author Alexandra Heminsley talked to us about her journey to embrace averageness. The common compulsion to be perfect, to only start something if you can succeed at it, holds many of us back. Heminsley left us inspired to go forth and be average, just for the joy of the 

Podcast host and author Elizabeth Day talked to us about her perspective on learning how to fail, which actually means, learning how to succeed. Day shared how failure has radically reshaped the way she lives, and how we too, can learn to survive and thrive in the face of failure.

We brought together an extraordinary group of people, each one shaping the business of sport in a different way, to discuss the future of women’s sport. On the brink of hitting the mainstream, our panellists talked about the growing momentum around women’s sport and what it can do continue to challenge the status quo and drive long-term societal change.

Despite reports of the industry’s imminent death, we don’t think influencers are going anywhere anytime soon. In this panel, industry experts discussed how to harness the power of influencers and why, despite the noise, influencers are here to stay.

The Future of Work – Examined the issues raised in our latest piece of global research: A Future That Works: Winning Workplaces

Welcome to the Fake News Age, telling health fact vs fiction – Discussed the changing role of science and health media in the networked age, the role of social and digital platforms in better policing fake news, and how to navigate this changing environment.

The Insider view with Bloomberg – Explored the global business and political environment, and how we communicate in a world that is more connected and information-saturated.

Setting Stories Free – Talked about how the future of storytelling could be found in advertisings past.

2019 saw the launch of the ENGINE podcast – an opportunity for us share stories from the many brilliant people who come through our doors. To date, we’ve welcomed the likes of Mark Ritson, Ama Agbeze and Bruce Daisley, examining the issues affecting our industry and society today.

We hosted a series of breakfasts and dinners, where we examined the issues established businesses face in becoming data-centric and what brands need to do to thrive in the future.

A Future that Works: Winning Workplaces – the nature of the workplace is changing. This report examines what businesses need to do to not only survive, but thrive in a changing environment.

AMEC Campaign Planning Guide – all about the role of planning in PR. Explores how planning can help overcome some of the common challenges professionals face.

Elizabeth Day at ENGINE's Brilliant Women Network


We didn’t just put on insightful events but we also put out work that you may have seen. We brought Robert De Niro to Warburtons for their new bagel ad. We went viral with ‘The Bitter Bond’, rebranded an iconic and beloved dog with Churchill and erected a 16ft pair of Lungs for E.ON UK in the aid of clean air!


Our hard work didn’t go un noticed as across the board we won a fair few awards – 50+ but we’re not here to brag. These awards have come from all over 5 AMEC awards, 8 Creative Circle, a Grand Prix for Ocean outdoor and a Young PR professional of the Year to name a few. Our Women’s Aid ‘The Unedited Truth’ has won 18 awards this year alone and our ‘Missing Type’ with NHS Blood & Transplant won CAMPAIGN OF THE DECADE!

All in all, 2019 has been a pretty darn good year and we are looking forward to an even better 2020!

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