We’ve all had a lot to think about over the last 11 months, but resilience has been pretty much top of the pile. Increasing resilience is at the very heart of digital and data transformation. The goal is clear-cut – to ensure businesses are more productive, can serve customer needs better and are therefore more strongly positioned for long-term growth.

The problem is that digital transformation as a discipline is surprisingly fragile. By some measurements, only 5% of programmes actually meet the expectations set. That’s simply not good enough. We need a new philosophy for transformation that gives more businesses better outcomes more often.

Every organisation is unique in terms of its challenges, assets and opportunities, which means every project is too. At ENGINE, we know there are no pat answers. But we also know the code can be cracked; that’s why we’ve been working on developing a formula for transformation.

This paper lays out that formula, the insights behind it and the practices required to put it into action. It’s already paying dividends for our clients and we wanted to share it with a wider audience.

We would of course welcome the chance to discuss our thinking with you in greater detail. In the meantime, you might want to have a play with our diagnostic tool. By answering seven simple questions, you’ll gain useful insights into where your organisation seems to be today and where it should consider focusing its efforts in the future.

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