In a market disrupted by the likes of Trip Advisor and Airbnb, Shangri La wanted to retain loyalty and increase hotel spend within a segment of their customer base.


  • Customer surveys showed that business and luxury travelers believe that personalized service is the most important factor in choosing a hotel, restaurant or bar
  • Browsing behavior and third-party purchasing data showed that travelers read reviews across multiple websites to inform their decisions.


To retain customers and encourage new and returning guests to eat and drink within the hotel during their stay, Shangri La needed to deliver exceptional and highly personalized customer experiences.


We leveraged competitor reviews to understand traveler preferences based on location, then amalgamated it with localized transaction data to target returning customers with hyper-personalized offers.

We also connected customer feedback from owned and third-party sources with Shangri La’s employee engagement strategy to prove that positive employees deliver positive, personalized experiences for customers.

Increased spend-per-guest among existing ​customers by 42%

Increased website traffic by 32%

Improved online conversion by 85%

Increased overall revenue by 18%