Moreland City Council



The overarching objective of the research program was to gain insight into the understanding and attitudes of the Coburg and broader Moreland community to transformative urban development projects.



• We conducted 5 focus groups consisting of participants from the Coburg area and the greater Moreland Community
• The Focus Groups included Coburg residents, Moreland Community residents, and the Small Business Community who have owned a business for more than 12 months and had less than 25 employees
• The Groups were a mix of ages and gender; split between Under 40 and Over 40 years old with an even gender spread
• Concept testing was a part of the Focus Group activities



The key insights found addressed:

• The here and now: understanding current community values and ideals
• Cultural diversity
• Multi-generational culture of the area
• Young families / older couples
• The ‘gentrification’ of the area
• And what, outside the community and proximity to the CBD, residents consistently mentioned as valuing



Results were delivered to the Moreland City Council in both a report and presentation format.

The results driven by the Focus Groups conducted that included a mix of participants based on gender, ethnicity, home ownership, full-time and part-time workers, household structure and number of years living in the area were?



As a result of our research, Moreland City Council were able to have an in-depth understanding of their residents, including:

• The primary information and messaging that needs to be disseminated about urban redevelopment plans

• How the messaging has to meet distinctly different needs depending on age

• Opinions on concept testing including proposed names

• The impact of any Council partnerships tied to a plan