Global Payment Provider



With cross-border transactions a crucial source of growth for payment providers, our client wanted to grow its current understanding of consumers’ travel, as well as payment behaviour, and stay ahead of the competition


  • We explored international travel trends and behaviour of more than 15,000 global travellers
  • From 28 countries and territories worldwide (spanning across APAC, Europe, MEA and Americas)
  • Robust sample structures in each country to allow us to understand our client’s core target audiences (travel corridors & lifestage segments)
  • Amongst those who have travelled in the past 2 years or intend to travel in the next 2 years for business/leisure (non-domestic travel)


The insights we uncovered provided a deep understanding of the entire ‘traveller journey’, from dreaming to arriving at destination.

Essentially it has been utilised as a highly strategic tool – helping marketing prioritise targets, cross-border corridors and touchpoints, and engage with merchants & partners.


Our client has been able to utilise the outcomes of the study in multiple ways:

  1. Inform product as well as marketing strategies across the globe
  2. Reinforce their relationship with clients (i.e. card issuers)
  3. Identify and secure partnerships (travel partners, tourism boards or merchants)
  4. Reinforce position as a thought leader on travel
  5. Generate substantial PR coverage


Desire to travel continues, with an increase in frequency of travel across most markets, however, travellers around the world are taking shorter trips than they were previously

Japan, USA & Australia are the most popular destinations to visit - with future intention to travel to these destinations also high

Most travellers seek a “blend” of Reward & Achievement, whilst ‘bonding’ with loved ones is a key motivation

Culture & heritage are key deciding factors for traveller’s choice of destination, whilst good weather & scenery are also important

Majority of the detailed planning and booking decisions take place 1- 3 months before the trip