Department of Health

Digital Transformation


On average, Australians are living 25 years longer than we did 100 years ago.  Early planning is critical to ageing well to ensure people are prepared, healthy, and independent and connected to their community.

Small changes now can mean a healthier, more secure future later on.  It is never too early, or too late, to plan the life you want.

Helping people to assess whether they can make better health choice, plan and manage their finances, considering their work arrangements and maintain their social connectedness may enable them to prepare for the future they want.



Discovery Phase: Initial desk research on retirement planning, previous research, similar existing tools, guerrilla research, Design Sprint with across 5 Department and Agencies;

Alpha and Beta Phases: Multiple rounds of in-depth interviews and prototype user testing and quantitative research


The initial research formed the bases to identify user personas and develop a functional prototype. We learnt about users’ planning processes and behaviours and triggers and incorporated these into the tool.

Ongoing close cooperation with the client and other stakeholders provided guidance related to the tool content and assisted in developing the algorithm and data approach of the tool.


Regular user prototype testing sessions and quantitative testing ensured a user-centred development approach.


Establishment of a behavioural change tool supporting people to be preparded, healthy, and independent and connected to their community as they age. Topics covered by the tool are Health, Finances, Job Skills and Social Life.

To achieve this, we worked together with multiple Commonwealth Government Departments and Agencies using co-design sessions to bring together user needs and research evidence, to identify triggers, motivations and barriers to change, along with the relevant measures and advice.

  • Use iterative agile approach to develop the final product aligned with government digital standards
  • Created a series of persona’s reflecting the key users
  • Drove engagement and reach through accessibility (mobile first) and usability (simple visual interactions)

Used rapid prototyping to develop concepts, test with users and run continuous iterations through to the final product.


Successfully execution of our Service Design Methodology end-to-end including technology delivery;

Successful collaboration across multiple Commonwealth Government Departments and Agencies

Successful launch of the behavioural change tool in Australia supporting the roll-out of the Department's policy frameworks

Six weeks after launch we had 130k site visits; over 50k completions of the tool; over 25% of people who completed the tool proceed to the recommended resource links; over 25% of people send themselves their results by email