Tech-enabled products and solutions for growth.

In a world where customers are the beginning and end of business growth, our team of experts helps brands, publishers and agencies make a lasting impact in a highly progressive environment.

Our EMX digital marketplace and programmatic ecosystem power the Engine Technology practice. By leveraging forward-thinking engineering, data collection, artificial intelligence, EMX creates a direct line between advertisers and publishers to increase efficiency, reduce ad tax, and maximise ROI for all.


We’ll help publishers:

  • Gain transparency and full control of their header bidding wrapper
  • Directly connect to unique demand
  • Access PMP and Custom Package deals

Reasons publishers call us:

Maximise revenue potential

Hybrid client- and server-side header bidding

Premium demand

Increased bid density

Easy-to-use header bidding solutions

Reduced latency


Our Product Offerings


More control, more revenue.

For Publishers looking to gain full control of their header bidding wrapper and maximise their returns, BiddRº360 is our all-in-one proprietary hybrid header bidding wrapper whose intuitive design and holistic metrics provide the control and transparency you want.

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BiddR Connect

Get plugged in.

For Publishers looking to increase bid competition, CPMs, and maximise revenue, BiddR Connect is our proprietary header bidding adapter—compatible with all major header bidding solutions—that lets you seamlessly access EMX’s marketplace of unique demand.

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We’ll help advertisers and agencies:

  • Directly access premium supply
  • Gain actionable insights through multi-score, audience and deterministic data
  • Leverage data to optimise programmatic strategies

Reasons advertisers and agencies call us:

Premium inventory

Omni-channel strategy

Flexible buying options

Actionable audience data

Brand safe environment

24/7 partner support


Our Product Offerings

Private Marketplace (PMP)

Right place, right time.

For Advertisers and Agencies looking to meet specific campaign needs, PMP is our proprietary solution that connects you one-to-one with your preferred top-tier publishers.

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