Driving growth through customer centricity.

Take control of your future. At Engine Insights, we marry traditional market research with cutting-edge data analytics, intelligent products and solutions to deliver you a 360 degree view of the customer. With our marketplace analytics, agile research tools, CX and brand expertise you can identify, reach, acquire, engage and retain your most valued customers, providing personalised experiences and driving stronger outcomes for your business.


We'll help you:

  • Develop a 360-degree view of your brand, and how it relates to your prospects, customers and employees
  • Create unique experiences that resonate with customers and keep them loyal for a lifetime
  • Develop the perfect product to take to market
  • Integrate data in a meaningful way
  • Identify new market opportunities and strategies so you can outpace the competition
  • Craft and implement effective employee engagement strategies, improve internal communications and drive culture change
  • Understand the public sector at a deeper level

Reasons why clients call us:

We’ve evolved as our clients evolved. Today, we go beyond research to develop integrated expertise and products that help you fine tune your data strategies, drive bottom line growth, and differentiate in today’s marketplace. With Engine Insights, you’ll have access to:

Our sector expertise and capabilities


Whether you’re looking to boost your knowledge of your marketplace, competitors, or industry trends, we provide the expertise to address your strategic growth, competitive intelligence, and critical decision support needs. By using advanced technology to integrate primary research and other data sources we can help you:

  • Develop new markets, products or product extensions.
  • Identify areas for differentiation and protect market positioning.
  • Highlight unmet customer needs.
  • Pursue new adjacent markets and distribution channels.
  • Foresee disruption and emerging trends.
  • Align internal resources to organisational goals.


As a leading public sector research consultancy, we keep our capabilities in-house to provide a level of project management and quality control which outsourcing agencies cannot match. We conduct the full range of qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation studies. In particular, we specialise in:

  • Social marketing research
  • Gambling related research.
  • Employment and education studies, especially those involving complex sample design and large scale survey work.
  • Tourism and travel research.
  • Indigenous research.
  • Multicultural research.
  • Stakeholder, community and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Program, policy and service evaluations.
  • Research utilising technology based solutions and high level analytics.

Data advisory and integration support

Leading research experts in the fields of customer, employee, market and brand research

Expert perspectives and thought leadership

Unique suite of integrated research tools

Deep industry expertise

Best practice solutions to create winning workplaces and manage the complexities of culture change

Proven expertise in public sector research


Our Product Offerings


Start listening. Start connecting.

For businesses looking to authentically understand their audience, Hives is an online digital tool that quickly reveals rich insights and emotional truths through shared storytelling.

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See tomorrow

For business looking to develop tomorrow’s strategies today and stay ahead of the innovation curve, Cassandra uses our global research network to analyse the mindsets of young consumers and empower clients to know what’s happening now and next, and prepare brands for the future.

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For businesses looking to create a unique customer experience, Customer will help you map and assess every step of your customer journey—from onboarding and interaction to relationships and transformation initiatives—so you can build the customer-centric culture that lets your company thrive.

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Winning Workplace

Fuelling Winning Workplaces

Winning Workplaces is dedicated to helping businesses create high performance and attract, engage and retain top talent through positive culture change. We uncover the story from tailored employee research and translate employee insights into action via our best-in-class transformational solutions at the individual, team and organisational levels.

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