We combine deep expertise in insights, digital transformation and technology to help businesses make connections that count.

Powered by Engine Connect

We believe that the intersection of belief and behaviour is where true customer equity lies, so we developed a revolutionary data management platform—Engine CONNECT.

Engine CONNECT combines your business data with our proprietary consumer belief data and online behavioural data from our programmatic marketplace. Throw in four dozen 3rd party data integration providers and the result is a database that contains over 100 million unique consumers and an unrivalled understanding of how consumer belief influences behaviour.

What does that mean for your business? The insights you need to deliver the right communication, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Unified journeys and experiences

Different environments call for different messages and different interactions between brands and customers. We’ll help you adapt your behaviour for maximum engagement.

360º view of your customer

The who, what, when, where and why. Everything begins here.

Personalised content and distribution

Content that we know will resonate with your audiences in places we know they will see it.

Always-on analytics and reporting

Engine Connect is always learning, so your results keep improving.

Real-time segmentation

Segmentations that drive value, implemented quickly and effortlessly.


Take control of your future.

Take control of your future. At Engine Insights, we marry traditional market research with cutting-edge data analytics, intelligent products and solutions to deliver you a 360 degree view of the customer and employee. With our marketplace analytics, agile research tools, CX, EX, culture change and brand expertise you can identify, reach, acquire, engage and retain your most valued customers and employees, providing personalized experiences and driving stronger outcomes for your business.

Take Control


Tech-enabled products and solutions.

Our EMX digital marketplace and programmatic ecosystem power the Engine Technology practice. By leveraging forward-thinking engineering, data collection, artificial intelligence, EMX creates a direct line between advertisers and publishers to increase efficiency, reduce ad tax and maximise ROI for all.

Maximise Your ROI

Digital Transformation

Bringing digital transformation to life.

Combine creativity, rigour and innovation to deliver real, impactful change. We take an eco-system view of digital transformation, working with clients to make sense of digital disruption in a rapidly changing world. Through strategy, service design and technology, we design and deliver game-changing products and services.


Transform Today