Exertainment: Entertainment with benefits

With modern youth blurring the boundary between exercise and entertainment, health and wellness brands need to put down the dumb bells and pick up the glow sticks.  

Today’s youth are joining the dots between exercise and entertainment, creating unique social connections in the process. This new era has been dubbed Exertainment by the Betterment Report from Cassandra. With the average workout kicking up a few notches to become the ultimate form of live entertainment, the report shows opportunities for brands to “connect with today’s Gen Y and Gen Z, along with unique partnership opportunities for brands spanning health, fitness, fashion and entertainment”. How young consumers consume content is also increasingly changing, moving away from the couch to engaging physically, where they can participate with friends or like-minded individuals for some Insta-worthy moments. And it is not just health brands who should be leveraging this merge, inversely, entertainment brands can incorporate a fitness element in either their products, launches and events.

To give some examples of how this is playing out in Australia, Instagram hero Kayla Itsines hosted Sweat Tours that attracted young people in the thousands, all to just perspire alongside the star and other, mostly female, Ys and Zs. Another Aussie, Ashy Bines, got involved with her Booty Tour after a successful launch, eventually expanding it to North America. Advances in VR are also helping to merge entertainment and fitness, virtual reality at-home exercise bike Zwift clocking users in more than 150 countries, with Australia being the most popular. Cassandra finds that “such offerings are a part of a larger shift among young consumers in which it’s no longer enough to go to a large-scale live event and simply watch a performance; that increasingly, young people want to be an active audience and fitness is fulfilling this desire”.

Brands aligned to fitness and well-being need to look beyond the individual consumer and a flooded social media to sell their wares and generate hype. Young people’s consumption of exercise in the form of entertainment is best served with friends who help them feel better, happier and stronger.


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