The Secret to Success – How Can Hotels Create Positive Experiences that Resonate?

We all know good news travels far and wide. A memorable experience creates a ripple effect, fueling the imagination and fascination of potential customers everywhere. This leads us to question: in the hotel industry, where word-of-mouth plays a decisive role, how adept are hotels in creating positive, memorable experiences?

Global Traveler Influences and Beyond

Today’s travel industry and digital technologies make exploring the world both easy and hard. With a few clicks one can find out about a destination and sort travel arrangements. Yet, with so many travel destinations and ideas to consider, the same few clicks can cause information overload and become a very daunting task. Travelers are constantly bombarded by travel news and attractions as various brands in the travel industry strive to gain their attention. So, how do travellers’ decide? What influences them? Who is setting the pace and laying the path for future travels?


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